April Leadership Development Carnival (2013)

Miki Saxon @Mappingcompanysuccess.com hosted  April Leadership Development Carnival (2013),  stating:- I don’t buy into “leadership” as taught by the leadership industry, but I find those who contribute the  Leadership Development Carnival don’t sell the “you are special”/“chosen one” Koolaid. Instead, they offer up pragmatic advice and help that fosters leadership in everyone, whether they are in a leadership role or not.
Proud to be featured for my article entitled  Getting it Right: 100KM, Team of 4 and 48 Hours @TalentedApps. A great story about the four C’s of Shared Goals: Criteria, Communication, Change and Collaboration.
Image credit: Mappingcompanysuccess

Published by Anadi Upadhyaya

A software professional with a proven track record for delivery of enterprise business applications. Unique combination of abilities to set functional and technical strategy, convert to achievable plan of action, and drive to realization and customer success. Exceptional motivator of teams to achieve outstanding and sustainable results with over 20 years of experience. More about me @ http://in.linkedin.com/in/anadiupadhyaya

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