The Art of Performance Reviews: Empowering Your Management Team

Companies today are throwing large investments to acquire, manage, reward and nurture the engagement of “best employees” as part of their workforce strategy. They recruit the “best and brightest” and often win the so called war of talent. But not many reap the expected rewards despite attracting top talent. 

Managing your “talent keepers”

Having talent at your side is not enough, what you do with it make all the difference. To understand, you need to shift focus from talent to talent keepers. Success of your workforce strategy greatly depends on attitude and mindset of leadership’s responsible for executing your strategy, not just in the HR department but throughout the organization.

Gallup research shows that managers account for 70% of variance in employee engagement. Ability of your leaders to make sound judgments when addressing everyday management dilemmas is critical, so you’ll need to make sure that leadership is fully aligned with your strategy of having a motivated and engaged workforce. Are you doing enough to help your leaders lead effectively in this direction?

Five leadership checkpoints that impact talent:

  1. Are you making sure that leaders are not retaining and rewarding most positions in the same manner—helping to diversify talent?
  2. Are you providing feedback to both tough and lenient raters on their performance evaluation behavior over the years?
  3. Are you encouraging your leaders to design a robust talent management process? 
  4. Are you evaluating and rewarding leaders on their contributions to building the organization and not just on their own performance?
  5. Are you making sure that performance evaluations are not being done to just check a box?

Using the right technology

Have you considered augmenting performance reviews with technology? Talent Management Cloud will help you recruit, grow and retain your talented team. Combining the domain expertise you posses with the powerful data science tools Oracle HCM Cloud has to offer will really take your employee engagement to the next level.  When you will dig deep inside your people data, you will discover explanatory and predictive insights to help cultivate your talent and enhance performance.  It will be really helpful for your team managers if you visualize these data findings and share it with them; to depict and discuss the strengths and opportunities within their teams. 

From powerful recruiting campaigns and painless on-boarding to work-life integration and wellness—leaders need to put their people at the center of everything they do. Brand pride is a reward that your workforce gives you and will ultimately reflect in retention and revenue.

Originally posted @ Oracle HCM: Modern HR in the Cloud


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