Are You Working with Robots?

This post is not about robotics but about the humans who are prisoners of patterned thinking which blinds them from leveraging the next big idea. Let’s start with a timeless tale which is very well connected to people from different walks of life.

Two large mynah birds spied a ripe mango hanging from a tree; the fruit was perfect, sheltered from the sun, nourished by the rain and ready to eat. The older bird declared “I have lived longer than you. I should be the one to eat this luscious fruit!” “You are old and can learn no more” replied the younger, puffing out his chest. “I will be in-charge after you are gone so the mango should be mine!” Rising into the air, they attacked each other again and again. In the midst of this, a mother and father sparrow pecked small pieces from the mango to feed their large hungry family. Flying together back and forth from the nest to the fruit, the sparrows carried piece after piece into their fledglings’ open mounts. Finally, the children were full and fall asleep. After hours of squabbling, the mynahs collapsed, tired and hungry. They turned to look at their prize mango, and much to their surprise saw hardly anything was left. Are You Working with Robots

Moral of the story is simple – If you are serious about being successful, it’s better to collaborate and share. No matter how good you are doing, you can always do better if you are capable of extracting useful findings from others’ experience in addition to your own. Oracle HCM helps you to solve the problems and seize the opportunities by providing the most promising ideas and the most robust solutions in the world of HR. Avoid falling back on ideas that may no longer be useful; learn and share new perspectives and new insights at HCM Central @OpenWorld; See you there. Don’t you want to find out how can you leverage the cloud to support today’s employees—while helping your company stay agile and competitive?

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PS: Title Courtesy My Best Friend @ work.


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